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PRATHAM Global Services is a Registered organization. We are in to Security and allied Services, to all Small, Medium, and Large scale Industries, Malls, Independent WH.We are engaged in providing Security services in the field of Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Personal and Corporate.

We believe in managing an efficient system with the aim of relieving our clients completely from all manpower and security allied problems / concerns. This is implemented by our well experienced, dedicated and reliable Managers, and Supervising Staff at various levels.

Members of our Organization are available for Emergency at any time 24/7. The Company aims at providing Single Window Solutions to all client requirements. The corner stone's of our business philosophy are Service, Integrity and Respect with a commitment to Render Highest Professional Ethics and Discipline.

Our time bound projects Aspire at providing a Quality Services to our clients, as per their specifications and requirements. The trainings are generally covers : - Front office Management, Time management, Risk Management, Evacuation training and First AID training. We believe that dedicated Supervision is the hallmark of Quality.

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The following measures are adopted to ensure effective Supervision

  • Effective and efficient Communication System - 24 hour mobile service.
  • Identify possible loop holes in operations and plug it immediately, with intimation to Client, when and where ever required.
  • Frequent Liaison with the client nominated representative to address various issues
  • Maintain close relationship with our clients with the sole purpose to understand their needs at local levels and how best they can be resolved. Client may nominate their representative to carry out random checks

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Facilities are providing to Security Personnel's

  • Uniform (including all).
  • Statutory Compliances (ESIC, PF, PT, Gratuity and Bonus)
  • Accommodation (as per the requirements).
  • Zero Balance Bank accounts.

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